Re-member Your Own Divine Wisdom

Deepen into the Wonder and Magic of your Divine being.

 You have all the tools you need.

Walk with me…

Now is the time.

When we open wide our hearts and untangle our minds, we begin to live the lives we dream of, unhooking from all of the patterning that keeps us small–living small and thinking small–so we can move into the expansiveness of our heart centers and meet life from a place of deep love, appreciation, joy and abundance. Each time one of us does this, we change the world!

I am a woman who walks with the Mystic Goddess, twirling around the trees and moving deep into the pathless Woods.

The Woods have been calling me for a long time, and I heed their call. I rise up and stand tall among the trees to worship every day. Beyond this oasis, I am a hiker; I am a skydiver; I am a scuba diver – a seasoned explorer of both this realm and other realms. I guess I would say I like to leave nothing unexplored.

I go deep into my own body, my own experience, my own healing to blow open the pathways that have been forged there and to hold space for others to do the same. I am a Mother of 4 beautiful beings, a wife, a daughter in this lifetime. And of course, who I really am cannot be put here on this page. There are no words that can capture the Spirit of who we are and how brightly we shine. I will tell you this: I am absolutely devoted to bringing a depth of healing to this world that has not been experienced for a very long time. In this I am not nearly alone. We are many, and we have incarnated now to do just this!

Work with Me

Transformational Healing

These sessions are TRANSFORMATIVE and EMPOWERING! Drawing from multiple modalities, these sessions may include present and/or past life trauma healing, inner-child work, body awareness and movement, energy healing, chakra balancing, anxiety and stress release to name but a few. We start wherever you are in the moment, connect with each other, our divine teams, and Mother Earth and get to work!

Kick-Ass Clarity Coaching

Kick-Ass Clarity Coaching is a POWERFUL tool to gain insight into what may be blocking you from living the life you desire. These sessions are channeled directly from Spirit. You may bring questions or obstacles to the session to be answered or discussed or you may choose to let whatever is PRESENT in the moment to bubble up to be seen. During this time, we will not only work on solutions but also self-healing techniques to allow you to feel CONFIDENT in taking everyday action steps to deepen your own healing process.

“Lynn is a gentle, kind, and caring soul, and a wonderful healer. She has walked alongside and supported me through my healing journey, delving deep and providing invaluable insights that have helped me gain clarity on a number of different aspects and at many different levels of my own personal experience. I am very grateful and consider myself blessed to have found her.”

– Claudia Reynaud
– Krista Hendrickson


The Red Cloth Ribbon

The Red Cloth Ribbon

The Visions came first. So brief and yet indelibly emblazoned on my brain. A giant hand placing me gently down by a stone wall in the back of a house. I knew this house, this vista. I had stood right here, looking out at the mountains in the distance. This was the...

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Why the Phoenix?

Why the Phoenix?

(A Sacred Container for Sacred Healing) Perhaps you have felt it. The pace has quickened. Life unfolds more and more quickly. The upside? SO DOES HEALING! Deeper healing, Faster! What used to take years is taking months. We are being asked to LIVE OUR LIVES FULLY AND...

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What are the Wisdom Portals?

What are the Wisdom Portals?

Back to the Beginning we go… After receiving the Great Keys to the woods, I swiftly got to work. Now, it was time to find out what was here. Why were there keys to these woods to hand over? Why were so many drawn to this place? I knew I would be given the answers if I...

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