SLOW™ Nervous System Reset

For most of us, there have been disturbances in our lives –trauma even– that may or may not be in our conscious awareness.  These disturbances are sitting somewhere in our physical bodies, and because of what happened, our bodies have not been a safe place to be.  They can stem from early childhood trauma, unpredictable parenting, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, or perhaps the feeling that you had to fit into some kind of a mold or you would not be accepted.  No matter what shape it took, we encountered it, and we know it from the inside.

So, we began to try to control the outside world, because if we can control that, or enough aspects of it, then we feel like we can make ourselves safe again. That can work for a while, but it also puts us into overdrive, because when you undertake this task of controlling what is outside of you and trying to mitigate the reactions of everyone around you, you can never rest. There is always more to do. And, of course, we all know that, in the end, this is a losing battle anyway. The only control we have is in cultivating our inner landscape and how we meet the world from that place.


In trying to control things outside of us, we begin to run our fight or flight systems constantly, when in reality, they are only intended to turn on when danger is present and turn off as soon as the danger passes. However, in this case, the danger never passes, because we cannot possibly succeed in controlling everything around us. And so we run in circles, exhausting ourselves, and not knowing how to shift this cycle, because we are quite frankly caught in someone else’s web, and we no longer have the strength or the clarity to spin our own webs. That is, until we can begin to make our bodies a safe place to live

When we begin to learn how to make our bodies a safe haven and we can step away from this idea of making everyone around us happy –except ourselves– THEN we can begin to listen to what we truly desire, what our lives would look like if we felt we had a say.

And we do have a say! We get to choose. As humans, we have CHOICE.

But when we get caught in the web of those outside of us, we begin to hand that choice over, to narrow what we allow ourselves, and, in doing so, we diminish what we can become. Our potentiality gets lost in there somewhere. And when we look around and see so many others stuck in the same situation, we call it life! And we begin to think that it is just the way things are for us –that this is the human experience– and yes, it is true that the human experience does hold pain, but that is so we can experience JOY! And the pain, of course, does not seem to be worth it unless we can find the joy.

So how do we get there? How do we begin to shift this structure that holds us in place…the structure that is SO solid that we almost cannot tell where it ends and where we begin? And my answer to this is:


We begin with the Nervous System!

Because until we are regulated, we will not know how to experience the world through any other lens. When the nervous system is dysregulated, there is no room for NEW –everything is a threat, and there is no such thing as safety! Nervous System work is absolutely foundational, so foundational that no other work will be effective until we bring ourselves back into a state of regulation. Once that happens, the possibilities begin to exponentiate! Then you can go and find a million different ways to bring you into higher and higher states of consciousness. Only then, will you have the possibility of coming into the fullest expression of who you are, of finding the freedom to express yourself with every ounce of your being!

For this to happen, the structures underneath MUST be addressed!

If that foundation is not examined, strengthened, mended, and regulated first, there will come a point of crisis no matter how much work you do and how far you get into the process.  We are here to heal the foundational stuff, the messy layers we are built from, so we can become stronger, clearer, step into our power, and help others up behind us.

When we do our work, we help others around us to do theirs. When we become regulated, we bring others around us into a more regulated state. They will still have to do their own work, but your clarity and strength will give them a different place to start from. And we are at a point where we are meant to ascend together, communally, not as individuals. We are meant to feel our connectedness, recognize that we are not alone, that we are interconnected with everything and everyone around us.  And we can use that connection by working in communal spaces, because when we bring our work into connection with others and their work, we exponentiate all of the possibilities, all of the healing, all of the love.

We can begin to dream together of a new way of being in this world and to gain clarity on what that world would look like, taste like, smell like, feel like, sound like. And as our visions, our dreams, become shared visions, shared dreams, we feed each other and the seeds we plant together, and we begin to grow that world into reality. AND THAT IS A HOPEFUL PLACE. That is a place of full soul expression for everyone –of compassion, of far more ease and grace. There is much to be done before we can get to this place, but as always, it is the journey there that is the biggest thrill! 


Let’s SLOW™ ourselves down and get regulated. Let’s get EMBODIED™!


Once we do these two things, the foundation is set for infinite growth and connection, for the doors to fling wide-open to reveal what you are here to do at this critical time, and how you can help. Because every single one of us is here on Earth at this time to do something specific, and every single one of us has a mission equally important. We are reflected within each other –after all, this is a holographic universe we are living in. So when one of us does what we are here to do, it is reflected in all of us! Imagine a world in which millions of us do our soul work –that is the world I want to live in! That is a world I know is possible! And that is why I am doing what I am doing, offering what I am offering. Because this is my piece of the puzzle. And when I put my puzzle piece into place, it gives all those around me a clearer picture to place their puzzle pieces into.